Medium Rare

Murder, Medium Rare is an interactive dinner theatre murder mystery, written by Eileen Moushey. Eileen Moushey is a freelance writer and director who has written several murder mystery shows. This play will be performed on the patio behind the Wando High School Cafeteria. Wando Theatre is proud to collaborate with the Wando Culinary Arts Program to serve a multi-course meal for our audience members to enjoy while watching the show! The play takes place in a restaurant operated by several comedic workers and assistants, who help bring the show to life. The performance includes improvisation work and a murder mystery that the audience must help solve! Members of our cast will be dropping clues to help audience members solve the case. Our student directing team, seniors, Emily Carano, Lydia Walker, Reid Doyle, and Izzy Harp, have cast a talented selection of actors who are ready to help you solve the case!!

Murder, Medium Rare was performed on October 29 at 6 pm on the patio behind the Wando High School Cafeteria.