Silent Sky

Wando Theatre presents Silent Sky, a play by notable playwright Lauren Gunderson. Silent Sky tells the poignant tale of a woman's dedication to the stars and discovering the true vastness of our universe. The play follows the real-life story of Henrietta Swan Leavitt, one of many women who worked at the Harvard Observatory in the early 20th century. During Henrietta's journey, she meets other passionate female astronomers Annie Jump Cannon and Williamina Fleming, who make their own prominent contributions to astronomy. Gunderson also adds fictional characters, Peter Shaw and Maragaret Leavitt who represent the male and family figures in Henrietta's life. Silent Sky is about discovery, fighting against oppression, and sisterhood. Brought to life by the dazzling Wando Theatre Honors Ensemble, this is a performance you will not want to miss!!

Silent Sky will be performed at 6 pm on November 12 in the Wando High School Performing Arts Center. Tickets can be purchased below or at the door!

For more information about Silent Sky, view our dramaturgy website created by dramaturg, Andrew Mallin HERE