Meet The Ensemble

Wando Theatre Director:

Destini Fleming has been teaching at Wando for six years. 2021-2022 will be her seventh year. She teaches Theatre 1, as well as Intermediate Theatre, and Honors Ensemble. As a director of the Wando Theatre program, she has produced at least six main stage productions as well as several smaller productions. In addition to Wando Theatre productions, Fleming will also be directing the Wando High musical this year. Fleming is currently working to obtain her Master's in Directing from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. Outside of school, Fleming acts, stage-manages, and directs in local Charleston theaters. She enjoys makeup artistry, reading, writing, poetry, yoga, and spending time with her sweet 11-year-old black lab and beagle mix dog.


22-23 Wando Theatre Honors Ensemble Crew Leaders and Crews

Company Manager: Andrew Mallin

Dramaturgy: Kiahna Melella, Andrew Mallin, and V Lamb

Marketing/Social Media: Jack Hipp, Kiahna Melella, and V Lamb

Production Manager: Sayde Handegan

Stage Management Crew: Dora Lewis, Alyssa Rigoni, and Rose Still

Costume Crew: Riley Odell, Ava Debs, and Katelyn Irizarry

Props Crew: Michael Woody

Technical Director: Aydann Turner

Set Crew: Annabelle Alford

Lights/Sound Crew: James Leonard, Wynnie Allee, and Buffy Kellner

Show Directors:

Great High School WhoDunit Assistant Directors: Riley Odell and Ava Debs

Eurydice: Destini Fleming

CoffeeHouse Coordinators: Aydann Turner and Rose Still

Student Directed (Way Off Broadway) Artistic Director and Coordinators: Sayde Handegan and Alyssa Rigoni

2022-2023 Intermediate Ensemble

Ma’ayan Aricha, Kelsea Dixon, Ender Kellner, Gabi Robinson, Anna Grace Rolfes, Dylan Schneider, Ethan Thacker, Kathyrn Ball, Qu’ryia Brown, Amelia Solari, and Jenna Zimmermann