Meet The Ensemble

Wando Theatre Director: 


22-23 Wando Theatre Honors Ensemble Crew Leaders and Crews

Company Manager: Andrew Mallin

Dramaturgy: Kiahna Melella, Andrew Mallin, and V Lamb

Marketing/Social Media: Jack Hipp, Kiahna Melella, and V Lamb

Production Manager: Sayde Handegan

Stage Management Crew: Dora Lewis, Alyssa Rigoni, and Rose Still

Costume Crew: Riley Odell, Ava Debs, and Katelyn Irizarry

Props Crew: Michael Woody

Technical Director: Aydann Turner

Set Crew: Annabelle Alford

Lights/Sound Crew: James Leonard, Wynnie Allee, and Buffy Kellner

Show Directors: 

Great High School WhoDunit Assistant Directors: Riley Odell and Ava Debs

Eurydice: Destini Fleming

CoffeeHouse Coordinators: Aydann Turner and Rose Still

Student Directed (Way Off Broadway) Artistic Director and Coordinators: Sayde Handegan and Alyssa Rigoni

2022-2023 Intermediate Ensemble

Ma’ayan Aricha, Kelsea Dixon, Ender Kellner, Gabi Robinson, Anna Grace Rolfes, Dylan Schneider, Ethan Thacker, Kathyrn Ball, Qu’ryia Brown, Amelia Solari, and Jenna Zimmermann