Wando Theatre Ensemble

Headshots / Bios

Maria Lapaz

Riley Odell 

Samantha Kelly

Maria Lapaz (she/her) is a Charleston-based actor. Maria was born and raised in Mt Pleasant where she still resides. She was first introduced to theatre in 3rd grade and has continued to perform into her high school years. One of her most notable roles was Noah Claypole in Oliver. She is now furthering her performance education with theatre at Wando High School.

Riley Odell (she/they) is a senior at Wando High School and in her 4th consecutive season with the Wando Theatre Program. Riley is a member of the Honors Theatre Ensemble and is currently studying Honors Theatre (Theatre 4H) under Wando Theatre Director, Mr. Clyde Moser. Riley has enjoyed performing in musical theatre since she discovered it in 6th grade. Riley made her theater debut in The Aristocats Kids with the Musical Theatre Center in July 2017 and has gone on to perform in 12 musical productions with four different stage companies then joining the Thomas C. Cario Middle School and Wando High School Theatre Programs. Riley is excited to continue being a part of the Wando Theatre Program this year and hopes to pursue acting as a career in the future. She plans on going to the College of Charleston to get her Bachelor’s degree in Theater and minor in Psychology. She’ll really miss Wando Theater when the year is over.

Samantha Kelly is a student at Wando High School and is thrilled to continue her theatrical journey through this program. Samantha has been in two productions of The Jungle Book playing Baloo and as an ensemble member, and a version of Julius Ceaser and played Brutus. Samantha is devoted in everything she does and that devotion will not stop at theatre. 

Caris Clark

Ethan Thacker

Ender Kellner

Caris Clark(she/her) Is a sophomore at Wando and first discovered theater when she was 9 years old and is currently in theater 2 honors ensemble at Wando high school. Caris was in Wando's last year musical production of Mamma mia in where she was in the ensemble and loved it! Caris was also in Wando's intermediate ensemble (theater 1 H) production of clue where she played mrs peacock.Caris is so excited to play Sally perks in Puffs!!

Ethan Thacker is a sophomore at Wando and a new member to Honors Ensemble. He has around 20 shows of experience in musicals, and is excited to be in a straight play, as well as attempting to be funny.

Ender is a sophomore here at Wando High School. He has been doing theatre for 6 years and has been in various performances such as Mamma Mia and The Crucible. He loves acting and is very passionate about it. His favorite musical is The Book of Mormon.

Holly Homan

Annabelle Alford

Aydann Turner

My name is Holly Homan and I am 16 years old and I am a sophomore. I play multiple characters in the ensemble in Puffs. I love theatre and I’m so excited to continue to do more and be apart of honors ensemble. I love singing, acting, hanging out with friends and baking. I have done so much in theatre and hope to continue to grow in it.

Annabelle Alford (she/her) is a graduating senior at Wando High School. She has been doing theater since the age of 5, and has been doing shows all her life. She went to an art school for a few years to study theater, then joined Wando. She has been in many shows throughout her life and is part of the International Thespian Society.

Aydann Turner is a Charleston-based performer, designer, writer, and director. He attends Wando High School currently in his Senior year where he is in the Honors Theatre 2 class. He has had experience writing and directing his own pieces and leading the technical design of Wando Theatre. Outside of theatre, Aydann is involved in his local school county's news team: ECSN, where he performs a variety of roles such as filmography, editor, and writer. His credits include Mulan, James and the Giant Peach, Frozen, Frog and Toad, and a variety of smaller shows in Wando Theatre. 

Lyla Affourtit

James Leonard

Buffy Kellner

Lyla Affourtit (she/her) is a singer, dancer, and actor in Charleston, South Carolina. Lyla’s most significant shows have been James and the Giant Peach at Dock Street Theater where she was Earthworm. She also was Wolf in CAMT’s production of Into the Woods Jr. Lyla has a passion for theater and can’t wait to make new experiences and advance as an actress.

James Leonard plays J. Finch in Puffs. He is a Junior (11th grade) at Wando High School and is many things.  Besides his many roles in past Wando productions, he is also a sound designer, stage manager, and DJ. He has been an actor since 1st grade but felt lost when he entered Wando. But once he found Wando Theatre, he was back in motion. Now, he is in his second consecutive year in Wando Honors Ensemble and is grateful to be around with the cast of friends that he has now.

Buffy Kellner is a part of Wando Theatre and Wando Chorus. She has been in Mamma Mia, High School Musical, and has worked tech for several shows while being a part of the program. She enjoys writing and directing her own pieces as well.

Michael Woody 

Poppy Arden

Sayde J. Handegan

 Michael Woody was born on August 3rd, 2006, in Southern California. He moved to Mt. Pleasant South Carolina in June of 2017.  He has been acting for seven years and will continue to do so. He has been in shows such as Wando Theater's Murder Medium Rare, and Eurydice, and most recently played John Proctor in Wando's production of The Crucible. He has even directed a thirty-minute show once, a Western parody named Bobby Bigface. He works well with most people and always tries to treat everyone with utmost respect.

My name is Poppy Arden and I’m looking forward for Wanda theater due to the people in. My favorite things are Jellyfish and Cows, it’s up to you to figure out what I eat.

Sayde J. Handegan (she/her/hers) is currently a senior at Wando High School and President of Wando’s chapter of International Thespian Society. Some of her favourite roles include Katie (School of Rock), Ladybug (James and the Giant Peach), and Madison (Boundless: The Musical, Original Cast). Sayde is also a part of Charleston Stage’s Theatre Wings Apprenticeship. She will continue to pursue theatre in college. A mis estrellas. saydehandegan.square.site @saydejhandegan

Jack Hipp

Morgan Rogerson

Landon Dustin

Jack Hipp is 17 years old and has been doing theater for a long time. Jack plays Cedric and Mr Voldemort. He has been in Mama Mia and High Musical. He has also been in a cheer wine commercial.

Morgan Rogerson (she/her) is a Charleston born actress and singer. She danced classical ballet for 5 years and hip hop for 3 years, and since 5th grade she has been acting. She has been singing in chorus and for leisure for 7 years. She has been in “High School Musical” as Mrs.Tenney and has also been in “Frozen” as Anna and Elsa’s mother, Queen Iduna, which was sadly canceled due to Covid 19.

Dylan Schneider

Brianna Dimicco

I’m a young passionate, outgoing, versatile, and fun-loving actor Going into my sophomore year. I had many ambitions in life but theater has been one of my favorite hobbies. As I’ve developed my skills over the past 2 years I have become a competent actor. I have a couple of major productions under my belt such as Midsummer by Shakespeare, The Crucible By  Arthur Miller, and Mama Mia by Catherine Johnson, but I'd love to expand my catalog.

Brianna Dimicco is a sophomore at Wando High School. She was previously in Mama Mia with Wando, Illegally Blonde with Fame, and Next to Normal with Fame. She has been doing theater since 1st grade and is so excited to be able to perform at Wando.